My Last Flaming Fire Performance Ever this Friday at Union Pool!

Hi, sorry I've been away from the blog worldfor so long!
As many of you know, I have not been  playing 
with my beloved rock band Flaming Fire for a 
while now--I've busy with comics and puttering around
in my house singing along with Aretha.  
But it's an itch that's got to be
scratched, Patrick wrote some slammin' new jams, 
and my urge to rock you
wonderful people has not died, it's just gotten stronger, 
so for one night only, I will throw down with Patrick and 
company for a SCORCHING show.
I will probably be so miserable because this is my 
last ever show that
I will have to be dragged off the stage in tears.  
I also got a brand new wig
and surprise outfit just for the occasion!
So come on down this Friday, we'll be playing all the hits!
Union Pool is located at 484 Union Ave at Skillman Ave
take the G or L train to Metropolitan/Lorimer

I think we're going on at 11, but get there at 10 so you 
can see my favorite singer ever,
Saasha Foo.
Actually, come at like 6:30, so we can all talk and 
drink and love each other for one
last time.

In other news, The Goddess of War got on Richard Gehr's of
the Village Voice's top 10 comics of 2008.
check out this awesome reviews of The Goddess of War,
 and don't forget to see the cool comics art show I am in with Matthew Thurber and Tom Hart
at the Y Tribeca.
I hope to see you all at the show for my LAST EVER PERFORMANCE, EVER.