I have published three wildly different books.  Here are what others have said about them...

Girl Stories 

*STAR*  "Weinstein's short, bitterly hilarious stories of teenage-girl angst were a popular feature on gURL.com; this book collects them, along with new material that turns them into a loose narrative of her semiautobiographical protagonist's eighth-and ninth-grade years. … Weinstein understands the painful immediacy of everything in teenagers' lives--how every success, even in egging a tree, feels like a monumental victory, and every moment of social or academic awkwardness feels like the end of the world--and these anecdotes and images both sympathize with and mock this revelation.”

Publishers Weekly March 20, 2006

"Girl Stories feels real, approachable, and honest in the way that the best art and writing should; it perfectly captures those awkward moments when the potential for manipulating other people's feelings is first discovered, and all of the moral questions implied therein. It's also really funny."

--Chris Ware author of Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, The ACME Novelty Library

Goddess of War

"A blend of Marvel's Thor comic, a Wagnerian space opera, and Anthony Mann's Westerns, the first issue of Lauren W. Weinstein's The Goddess of War(Picturebox) introduces us to a world that is comic and tragic and ambitious as heck. Neither Weinstein's mostly clever Inside Vineyland nor her endearing and autobiographical Girl Stories suggested that she could take comics quite so far out as this. Yet there she goes—and I strongly suggest that you join her."

--Richard Gehr, Village Voice


Inside Vineyland

"When I saw Lauren Weinstein's 'Bird Wars' strips, I wished that they weren't already in print because I wanted to steal them.  Later I came to my senses and realized that she is doing consistently good comics based on her life in Brooklyn and inside her own twisted head.  These comics have a quality that makes them rise to the top of the pile with "Peanuts,"  "Fred Basset" and "Tiger," that is to say, they are sincere."

--Tony Millionaire, Maakies

"One of the most original creative talents in comics today... Her work is simultaneously profound and silly, sharp and soft, sophisticated and childish. I can't recommend her enough."

--Michael Kupperman, Snake 'n' Bacon

Girl Stories
By Lauren Weinstein
Inside Vineyland
By Lauren R. Weinstein