Still recovering

Hi.  I just came back from vacation.  I am still recovering.  I visited the oval office at night, saw some amazing comics at Warren Bernard's house, climbed around in a giant ant hill, tried a new latke recipe, spent three days with two sets of toddler twins, and ate and ate.  And the real question is, who gives a shit? Here's a piece from my sketchbook drawn last night:  

I went to see the Bad Plus at The Village Vanguard with Tim for a romantic date!   It was wonderful how I got so much work done, drawing the entire time I was listening to the sublime music.  Then we deposited our checks at a nearby bank and made the responsible train!  It's our seventh date without our daughter in two years and three months, but who's counting?



I’m going to SPX this weekend.  I think.  My husband wants to go.  My parents live in Bethesda.  But there’s nothing worse feeling than going to a convention when you don’t have anything new except for a kid (who is already two years old).  And then you go back to your parents who say, "It's okay honey!  You're our favorite cartoonist (except for Richard Thompson)!" I went last year and made this drawing afterward.


I also hate Bethesda.

Sketchbook Jazz Power!

Tim and I went out for a date. We go on about one a year now. This time we actually did dinner and a concert at the Village Vanguard where we saw Paul Motian, an 80-ish jazz drummer, who has played everything with everyone. When we saw him play, he kept his sunglasses on. He looked about 60 for the entire set. During the applause, he took off his shades and stood up. He looked frail and old.  See, making art is good for you!


I have wanted to draw the Jaume Plensa sculpture in Madison Square Park since it appeared one day. I see it all the time walking to class to teach but I never have time to sit there and draw it because I'm always on the clock with babysitters. My mother-in-law is in town and babysitting is free. I made a date with the great Gabrielle Bell and we went to the park to draw the statue. We of course gossiped about our personal lives and that was very fun. And I realized that this was the first time that I'd actually been able to draw from life for more than 20 minutes since Ramona was born. I got home and wrote a letter to the parks department asking them to keep the sculpture up forever.

Back from Florida...

Howdy y'all, sorry I missed Martin Luther King Day's post. I was away in sunny Florida showing lil' Ramona off to her great grandfather.  I did this macabre drawing while I was there...

my tribute to Artie...

Still don't know the fate of my laptop.It will take two to four business days to find out if the water that I spilled on it fried it's expensive brains.  So here is another barely legible photo of my sketchbook....