Carousel at MOCCA fest....

I will hopefully be reading a highly personal comic that I've been working on for two years at MOCCA on Saturday at 5:15, but I might just have too much to do before and I'll have to read old stuff, which won't be old to you so it doesn't matter, it would just be so perfect if I could get this thing wrapped up...Carousel is at 5:15. I'll be reading with the 16th funniest man in NYC, Michael Kupperman, Domitille Collardey, Shannon Wheeler, Leslie Stein and of course, R. Sikoryak.

My entire belief system

The other day I was trying to do something else, and this just poured out. It seems to be my entire religious world view as of today. Or maybe it's a fictional version of myself's world view?   I invite questions and debate. I am going to make a comic out of this and post the progress as I go.