Rosalie Lightning

I am so sad to report that Rosalie Lightning, daughter of Tom Hart and Leela Corman, passed away unexpectedly in her sleep November 17th, 2011. There's been such an outpouring of love and support for their family.  We've started a paypal account in honor of her. This fund is to help with everything Tom and Leela are facing in this terrible situation.  Just to be clear, this is not an ongoing charitable foundation; it is a bunch of Tom and Leela's friends passing the cup around to help them surmount the short-term challenges arising from this tragedy. Update: Tom and Leela have requested that the paypal account be closed as of 11/27/2011. Please go here for more information. Rosalie was a wonderful girl.  She loved lizards, Miyazaki movies and duck ponds.

If you want any more information about where to send your condolences please email

Tom and Leela asked me to thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts.
"We feel every word, every thought, every intention, and please tell them that their help has enabled us to pay for our families - who don't have much money - to fly here rapidly to be with us. And that it has helped us with all of the costs of this horrible experience. We are beyond grateful and we owe you many lifetimes of kindness and service. We hope that you will never experience anything remotely close, but please know that whatever help you need, we are with you too."