Oiy Vey!

Hi, I'm in an art show that's just coming to New York. It's called Yentas: Bitches Who Kvetch. No, it's actually called Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women. Oiy Gevalt. I usually hate shows or anthologies that categorize work so much. It just puts you in an academic box, especially when for so long I've tried to do weird stuff like The Goddess of War, and poem comics. And I feel very conflicted about Judiasm (but isn't that the essence of being Jewish?)  But there are a lot of good cartoonists like Sarah Glidden, Miriam Katin, Ariel Schrag, Vanessa Davis, and Miss Lasko Gross. It's at the Yeshiva Museum.  I've got lots of sketches about being pregnant in it. I'll be on a panel with Katin, Lasko-Gross, Schrag at the Yeshiva U museum on Sunday, October 23rd.