Comic for Bookforum...

yeatspreview Hi everyone, here's a coupla panels from a new comic I made.  Experimenting with a new watercolor technique.  It's a two-page square comic coming out in the summer reading issue of Bookforum.  This one is based on a poem by William Butler Yeats that I originally found in The Rattlebag.  Tim told gave me The Rattlebag because it's a pretty randomly organized poetry book, kinda like the b-sides of the world's great poems.  It's designed so that you pick it up, open it to a page,  and if you like the poem, cool, read more. That random walk-through-the park style of research is my favorite kind.

The Yeats poem is actually a part of a play called "The Dreaming of the Bones".

I like the groovy-pagan wizardy world of Yeats. I like that he was a senator too.  He always talks about curlews crying.

Here's the poem:

At the grey round of the hill Music of a lost kingdom Runs, runs and is suddenly still The winds out of Clare-Galway Carry it: suddenly it is still.

I have heard in the night air A wandering airy music: And moidered in that snare A man is lost of a sudden, In that sweet wandering snare.

What finger first began Music of a lost kingdom? They dream that laughed in the sun. Dry bones that dream are bitter, They dream and darken our sun.

Those crazy fingers play A wandering airy music; Our luck has withered away, And wheat in the wheat-ear withered, And the wind blows it away.

My heart ran wild when it heard The curlew cry before dawn And the eddying of the cat-headed bird; But now the night is gone.

I have heard it from far below The strong March birds a-crow, Stretch neck and clap the wing, Red cocks, and crow.