New Sketch for Goddess of War, the FRENCH version....

Howdy y'all.  In just about an hour I am on my way to Sweden's Small Press Expo.  I'm going with Shannon O'Leary, Paul Gravett, MK Reed and Jeffrey Brown, among others.  That trip to the Fumetto Festival was really enlightening, I feel like this totally new world of international cartoonists was opened up to me.  It was dreamy.  I have a good feeling that this one will be great too.  I will put up pictures throughout the week. I have been having all these deep spacey, progesterone enhanced dreams lately, like this one where seeds were genetically engineered to form themselves into couches, cars and rafts.  Also I've begun to have this thought, why is it so important that the Western idea of God be that He is a moral god?  Why can't we be okay with God being the creator and the destroyer?  I think I'm going to read the Bahagavad Gita.

Here's my sketch for the Goddess of War: FRENCH STYLE!