Upcoming show at the Y Tribeca!

Hi, I'm still sorting through the gigantic pile of mini-comics I received from all of the great people I met at SPX.  I want to hype this show that the brand new Y Tribeca is having on October 25th.  It's going to be amazing.  I was installing it yesterday and there are fantastic wall paintings and originals by Tom, Matthew and me.  On Saturday I'm going to do my wall painting in the gallery that faces into the street.

I am fascinated by what they are trying to do at the new Y.  They hired this dude to try to get the 20 somethings in the NY area to come to the ultra modern newly renovated space, and his response is to make it into something like the Knitting Factory (which I think is moving to Williamsburg), art gallery and community center combined.  I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY and I hope this place takes off.  In the past the Y for singles has always seemed a little like  Jewish day camp, this seems way more fun.

Also, I've joined my community garden and become obsessed with redoing the mural that looks out on the street--although I love the mural.  I'm obsessed with the history of my street too... more on that later.