SPX this weekend, and my husband's an Ink Stud!

Hi everyone.  I've been remiss in updating.  Shame on me.  I started teaching and cartooning again and it's taken over my life. Also, I've just joined my community garden and my head is flowing with dreams of murals and composting. I went to CCS in Vermont last week and it was beautiful and the utopian society of cartoonists that I always dream about.

This weekend is SPX and I'm happy to report I'll be debuting something... it's a four page comic in the brand new Ganzfeld with a poster to match...

This magazine is going to be so awesome.  I can't wait to see it.  It's got music and new inventions and it's debuting at SPX and this is the last issue.  Bummer.

Also my husband is featured on Inkstuds this week!

Also, I'm going to be reading at the great Atomic Books in Baltimore on Friday night, with Brian Ralph, Jesse Reklaw, Julia Wertz, Laura Park, Theo Ellsworth, Austin English, Ken Dahl, and Ben Claassen III.

It should be a blast....