This weekend! Kim Deitch, David Sandlin, and Me at Brooklyn Book Fest!

Howdy y'all, I am so happy for Kim Deitch.  He's my hero, one of my favorite comics, and he's having a big retrospective at MOCCA that's opening on Friday.  I've been to his studio before, and he makes tons of pencil sketches for his comics.  I would say 2/3rds of the work he does are in these old-master like sketches, that's not even counting all the penciling and inking he does for his published pages.  Here's one from my personal collection, a character page for Waldo.

There's also a show by the best silk-screener in the world, David Sandlin at Jack the Pelican.

And finally, I'll be at the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday signing The Goddess of War at the Picturebox table.  I was there last year and it was fun.