awesome Village Voice Review of The Goddess of War

Making a book that is a total risk (large format fantasy epic when all I'd ever done before was sorta autobio teen stuff and weird comic strips) is scary and disorienting.  First of all I get so close to the process, that I'm  completely blind to what others will think.  Like, I really thought that Goddess of War was being drawn in my new "clean" style (which is retarded), and when critics make the slightest slight, like calling my drawing "clumsy" I descend into major self-doubt.  I know this is completely stupid, because I shouldn't publish books if I don't want people to have thoughts about them.  When I was working on Goddess of War I didn't leave the house for months except to teach, I doubted myself every step of the way, and I'm still not sure what to make of the book.  I won't even look at it now.  I think I either need to develop a thick skin about critics or resist the urge to google myself.  But, yesterday I googled myself and here's a nice review from the Village Voice, so what the hell.

Here's the first paragraph:

"A blend of Marvel's Thor comic, a Wagnerian space opera, and Anthony Mann's Westerns, the first issue of Lauren W. Weinstein's The Goddess of War (Picturebox) introduces us to a world that is comic and tragic and ambitious as heck. Neither Weinstein's mostly clever Inside Vineyland nor her endearing and autobiographical Girl Stories suggested that she could take comics quite so far out as this. Yet there she goes—and I strongly suggest that you join her."

-Richard Gehr

Also Goddess of War is on SALE this week only for $9.50. from Picturebox.