It's so beautiful here it's scarry!

Hi everyone, I'm staying at this crazy artist house in the Catskills for the next couple weeks. It's so nice here, there's fresh vegetables growing on the property. I have become obsessed with cooking garlic in all of it's many incarnations. We had it roasted the other night with fresh thyme sprigs. Then I slow cooked it with homegrown onions and lentils. This morning I harvested a zucchini and made zucchini bread. Tonight I will roast a chicken with five heads of garlic, and make green beans tomatoes and garlic from the garden.Speaking of incarnations, this house is supposed to be haunted. Infact, someone was either killed or just died in my room, and the people that we rent the house with vacated the room because of ghost activity. I do not believe in ghosts, but if I did, this place would definitely be haunted. I have tried to work on my book, the sequel to Girl Stories, and it's beginning to work. The secret is to go and find a sunny spot, hiding in the tall sunflowers, and give myself the gift of time to work. I am staying here alone. Except for the nightly hauntings, I am in heaven. I'll be postng sketchbook pages soon.