Hand Pics, Thanks to The Strand, and a Special Bonus...

Here are some weird night time pictures of the hand... The hand at night! close-up!

Richard O'Connor from Asterix Animation wrote up the Desert Island party here and has great pics!

On Tuesday I spoke at the Strand.  I think I was totally under-prepared for this event, which sucked, because the place was packed.  Sorry to anyone who was totally baffled by my "talk".  All my friends say it was fine, you know how this goes.  Am I fat?

One thing talks do is make you try and crystallize what you were thinking when you made something.  I still don't know what I was thinking when I made the Goddess of War.  I want to do it more.  Working on it feels like digging a hole deeper into the ground.  Is that a good thing?  Do people want to read that?

Anyways, this is probably the end of relentless hyping of events and parties for now on my blog.  I am going to get into deeper, psychological blogging now.  If all goes right I'll actually be posting a new drawing or two.

Here are some bonus pics from the San Diego Comicon--both the thrills and the chills ...

Here is my publisher Dan.  He had a great time at Comicon.

Here's my publisher Dan who was this excited throughout the entire thing, and his underlings, Will and Jon.

I geeked out at Comicon and bought $300 of original art from this man (more on my prizes later...):

Next there's Shayna Yates, who makes the coolest fashions around....

Here's a lot of people clamoring for shit....

Yay! We want it!

an amazing Jack Kirby Collage Comic!

But look at this great Jack Kirby collage comic!!