Nice new reviews for Goddess of War...

It is cheesy to link to the nice things critics are saying about The Goddess of War, but here it goes... The great Alex Cox of the great comics shop, Rocketship (who hosted a great party for the book a couple weeks ago) says:

"Is THE GODDESS OF WAR the most important book of the year thus far? VERY MUCH MAYBE."

Jog from the The Savage Critics gave me 6 out of 7 stars!

"Weinstein's own brand of Norse myth often walks and talks like a diary comic, following its very annoyed heroine as she groans about her life and her job, drinking too much, confiding in a hapless friend and tumbling onto the floor from romantic angst."

The Brick Weekly from Richmond, VA was pretty psyched about it too:

"...any devotee of weirdness and a good science fiction romp should come buy this. I can’t wait for future volumes."