Goddess of War Window at Desert Island and YOU!

Okay, hear me out...On August 2nd I will be holding a Goddess of War release party at the awesome store, Desert Island. Gabriel, the owner has been gracious enough to let me design and build the window of the store. Long story short, I NEED YOU to help me decorate the window... I decided to make a three dimensional version of this image from my book: This is the BW version of a silkscreen that Desert Island is printing... I got together some of my most talented art buddies, Jared Whitham and Stirling Krusing, and they are going to help build a gigantic foam hand and a base of detritus for all the little characters to run around in. Here's a sketch... Pretty clear, huh? Anyways, I need YOU to help me make all of the little characters that run away from the giant foam hand of GOD! I'll make all of my characters, but I need some of your characters too. I don't care what you create, just as long as they are running, and between 3 and 10 inches high, and they are painted on both sides of a thick sheet of cardboard and cut out nicely. If you are interested, email me at vineshtein@mindspring.com.