Girl Stories Reviews

“In a time when memoirs are fake and writers aren’t who they seem, Girl Stories is the real thing.”

“Weinstein understands the painful immediacy of everything in teenagers’ lives-how every success, even in egging a tree, feels like a monumental victory, and every moment of social or academic awkwardness feels like the end of the world-and these anecdotes and images both sympathize with and mock this revelation.”
Starred Review
–Publishers Weekly

“Bright colors and scrawled lettering make for a cheerfully untidy style that reflects Weinstein’s uplifting message to readers to love themselves, imagined warts and all.”
–School Library Journal

“The writing is intimate, honest, and very approachable, and Weinstein avoids the preachy tone of many coming-of-age stories.”

“…her expressive voice proves that she deserves to join that fine American tradition of women’s self-deprecating cartoon confessionals pioneered by Aline Kominsky-Crumb and Lynda Barry.”                       –Paul Gravett

“Girl Stories is like My So Called Life meets Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you don’t laugh out loud while reading this, then you are f-ing dead inside!”

–Andrew Thomas Yates, Author of Nothing/ Flower Van Driver
“… I loved this book a lot because I can relate to some of that stuff, like when I went through a Polly Pockets phase in the fifth grade. Also, this book is like reading Lauren’s journal and I like being nosy and looking through other people’s lives. Anyway, if you like personal books with cool art and writing, then definately buy this book….”

–Greta, Age 12
Advance Praise for Girl Stories:
“Girl Stories feels real, approachable, and honest in the way that the best art and writing should; it perfectly captures those awkward moments when the potential for manipulating other people’s feelings is first discovered, and all of the moral questions implied therein. It’s also really funny.”

–Chris Ware, Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, The ACME Novelty Library
“These are not only great girl stories, but also great human stories. Lauren perfectly and hilariously captures both the poignancy and folly of that awkward age when we sit perched on the cusp of adolescence. She does this with genuine warmth, sharp wit, and unaffected storytelling.”

–Ivan Brunetti,  Schizo, An Anthology of Graphic Fiction (Editor)