birthday portrait for Falisha

Here is a group portrait I made in honor of our gifted babysitter, Falisha who has watched over our many families for years and made a bigger family.


I did this painting many years ago.  And it's dumb, but I think of it when I need to say YES.

Today's Warm-up is a portrait of my generous, brilliant poetess fellow Maplewoodian mom friend, Cate Marvin.  

Two new warmups...

I'm trying to get deeper and deeper into things with my warm-ups.  Now off to the library to slay a beast.  All these are on sale here...


Last night my daughter and I made up a story about a good witch who is very misunderstood.  This morning I did this warm-up drawing.

More warm-ups.

More warm up drawings here.  As I go into the narrative trenches, there's always this itch I have to scratch.  The pen to the paper, no pencils first, no edits, the finish is the finish.  These drawings seem to scratch that itch.  I will be putting them all up for sale on Monday.  Stay tuned.  All in the $60 to $75 range.

Warm-up drawings....

I continue to immerse myself in laying out my book.  The process seems daunting and sometimes I feel like I can't find a way in.  Then I found an old nib that I love, and started to do warm up drawings every day, as the days heat up.  Here are a bunch. I'm going to sell them.

Tom Hart and Carol Tyler speak about creating their groundbreaking books and confronting loss.

Last night at the Society of Illustrators I saw two of my heroes, Carol Tyler and Tom Hart talk about their books,  Soldier's Heart and Rosalie Lightning, respectively.  They gave such intimate presentations of their practice, showing the ways they worked during moments of profound grief.  Both are such generous spirits.  Both are bearing witness to and making art that transcends pain.   Thank you.

Posting some pages from my Spine Diary

Here's a piece from my sketchbook about seeing my friends before getting neck surgery. I took it down because I felt like I was focusing on the superficial aspects of my privileged social circle.  But then I guess the point is that we're so lucky.