Back from Comicon. Will write more about that later.

Two NYC events to announce…

SUNDAY 8/3 from 4-7 at Desert Island
I’ll be debuting an awesome silkscreen print, signing The Goddess of War, and unveiling the brand new window display chock full of characters made by artists from all over the world. Refreshments provided.
Desert Island
540 metropolitan ave
brooklyn NY 11211

TUESDAY 8/5 at 7pm I’ll be showing slides and signing the GOW at The Strand Bookstore !
OMG! What an honor to be at best bookstore in the world. I think I’ll bring some originals and show ‘em too, maybe I’ll “perform” some comics if my publisher doesn’t think that’s too unprofessional.
The Strand Bookstore
828 Broadway
(at 12th St.)
New York, NY. 10003-4805

I came back from Comicon and took a cab directly to Desert Island to help install the window for Sunday’s show. All the faithful readers of my blog know that I’ve enlisted anyone who is able to hold a pen to create characters that are running away from a gigantic 3-d foam hand that is trying to snatch them up. So far about a million characters have been created by anonymous folks and many very awesome cartoonist buddies like Aaron Renier, Julia Wertz, Gabrielle Bell, Sarah Glidden, Shannon O’Leary, Joan Reilly, Sara Varon, Tom Hart, Keith Mayerson, and probably someone very important that I forgot in the greater Williamsburg area. Weird people slip characters under the door of Gabe’s comic shop at night. One guy has decorated a cardboard space ship with cheerios that he painted red. Another cool anonymous lady made little yuppies. A little kid made a bunny. A rapper made a kind of transvestite. I got about 20 little figures from cartoonists at Comicon too. Zak Sally, Peter Kuper, Esther Pearl Watson, Tim Sievert to name a few. I’ll have many pics soon.

Here’s one of Jared Whitham installing the giant foam hand…Jared installs the giant foam hand in the window of Desert Island.